The Isle of Man Ship Registry has a proud history of working with a wide range of high profile Greek shipping companies. The Greek market is a key focus for the Isle of Man Ship Registry and clients can be assured of the highest levels of customer service as we seek to strengthen our existing relationships and build new ones.

Our Senior Management team undertake regular client visits to Greece so there is ample opportunity to access key decision makers within our organisation. We will also be in attendance at most major shipping events including Posedonia 2022.

Greek individuals and corporations are fully qualified to own ships on the Isle of Man register. We can accept a wide range of vessel types onto our register – our regulations apply international convention standards with no additional requirements.   


Konstantinos Machairas is our local representative based in Athens, Greece. Konstantinos provides a service to new and existing clients with advice on Isle of Man Ship Registry requirements.

Konstantinos has a proven track record in client relations with over a decade of experience working across Southern Europe for companies such as Hudson Analytix, Total Shipmanagement Services and Brightwell Payments.

Click here to contact Konstantinos to discuss your registration requirements.

Why Choose the Isle of Man?

Elite Customer Service

  • Pragmatic approach to regulation with a focus on finding solutions and building relationships
  • Response time to technical/registration queries is normally within same day
  • Local Representatives in key markets including Japan, China, Hong Kong and Greece
  • Technical expertise in-house with survey and policy teams on hand for consultation and reliable advice
  • Network of surveyors in key survey locations around the World
  • Simple regulations applying international convention standards with no additional requirements.
  • Digital Certification meaning original certification can be onboard within minutes

Adding Value

  • Strong PSC performance including first place 2018 Paris MOU 1stplace, and consistent position on all major PSC whitelists.
  • Socially Responsible Flag State with an unparalleled commitment to topical issues such as crew welfare and de-carbonisation
  • Crew welfare app available free of charge for seafarers on all commercially registered vessels

Simple, Competitive Fees

  • Consolidated annual fee which covers all normal inspections, consultations, certifications and dispensations.
  • Seafarers Documents– Simple online application process and fixed fee per endorsement.  Normally processed and sent out within a week (no mandatory seaman’s book or other fees).

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

  • Out-of-hours registration to suit shipyard times/closing meetings anywhere globally
  • Demise/Parallel Registration- the Isle of Man enables parallel registration with other states, both demise-in and demise-out registration to provide flexible solutions for owners.
  • Wide range of qualifying owners – including many types of Company, Limited Partnerships and individuals.
  • Remote inspection technology approved for class statutory/annual surveys and flag state inspections.
  • 24/7 emergency response by Principal Surveyors (key decision makers)


There is no requirement for endorsements for rating’s certificates. The relevant endorsement covers both the COC and GMDSS (for deck officers). You may check more to the following links:

There is an online portal for endorsement applications with 70 – 80% issued on same day.

Where appropriate, the IOMSR can issue a “Temporary Letter of Dispensation” as a result of the failure of equipment on-board ship; there is no cost for this service. Applications are made through the survey inbox and usually dispatched within the same day. Plus 24/7 coverage of all enquiries with the duty phone for emergency matters.

All technical support is currently based in the Isle of Man providing a 24/7 service for emergency matters.

All of our electronic certificates including Certificate of Registry are issued digitally from our system and sent by email, usually to the company DPA registered on our database. The digital certificate can be forwarded to the master on board, and it is the digital copy that stands as the original. A QR code is included as an authenticator. The digital certificate can be printed off for the purpose of inclusion in the ships certificate file. If authenticity is ever questioned on board during certificate review, the original is the version emailed to the DPA and the master.

Flag State general inspections can now be undertake remotely. 

Worldwide coverage with a team of 10 senior surveyors based on the Isle of Man plus Isle of Man Ship Registry surveyors based overseas covering all major shipping locations.

No requirement for seafarers to hold an Isle of Man Discharge Book or Record of Sea Service. Officers and crew can use the seaman's books that have already been issued to them – there is no requirements for a new book.  An Isle of Man Record of Sea Service for MLC purposes, and can be downloaded for free from our website.

The Isle of Man is a non-EU flag. This is not as a result of Brexit; the Isle of Man has always been a non-EU flag.