General Charges

General Charges

This page list some miscellaneous charges not identified elsewhere, the list is not exhaustive and reference should be made to the current Regulations.


ISM Company DOC Audits

ISM DOC audits are delegated to Class for companies operating cargo ships under the new inspection regime. The Isle of Man will not attend ISM DOC audits, unless the company has elected to enter the transitional arrangements, in which case the Ship Registry will continue to carry out ISM DOC audits as below:

The Isle of Man will still carry out all DOC renewals and at least one annual audit in a 5 year period until these companies inform us that they wish to end the transitional arrangements or by 2020 at the latest.

For commercial yachts we will continue to carry out all DOC renewal and at least one annual audit in a 5 year period.

Fees for a single DOC Audit are charged based on geographic areas and are a single fixed fee.

All surveyor travel ( including cost of visa) Charged at cost
Work undertaken in the Isle of Man £735
Work undertaken in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland £2,010
Work undertaken in the European zone £2,930
Work undertaken in the Middle Eastern and Africa zone £3,190
Work undertaken in the Americas zone £3,875
Work undertaken in the Asian zone £4,210
Work undertaken in the Australasian zone £4,430

A map showing the geographic areas can be found here.

Company DOC certificates are issued after successful completion of a renewal or initial audit, these certificates are issued at a charge of £615 for 5 years.

MLC Recruitment and Placement Audits

The Ship Registry carries out all MLC Title 1.4 inspections on organisations providing private seafarer recruitment and placement services on the Isle of Man; these inspections are required annually and charges for the inspection are charged at £96 per hour plus the attending inspectors travel costs.

On completion of a successful inspection a certificate of compliance will be issued, the certificate is issued at a cost of £310.