Security Inspections

All Merchant Vessels and Commercial Yachts greater than 500GT must comply with the International Code for the Security of Ship and Port Facilities. Both Part A and Part B Sections 8-13 are considered mandatory.

Your vessel's class society has been fully delegated to conduct security inspections and issue security certificates. Please contact them directly to make the necessary arrangements for audit.

Security Plans

The Isle of Man Ship Registry approves all Ship Security Plans (SSPs).  If a vessel is new to the register, the SSP must be submitted to us before Class attends the vessel for interim audits

Editorial amendments, detailing changes on contact numbers, correction of grammar and spelling etc. should be recorded in an amendments index in the front of the manual.

Procedural amendments (such as a change in the vessels operating area or manning levels etc.) should be submitted for re-approval prior to implementation.

Company Security Officers

Contact details of Company Security Officers (CSOs) and deputy CSO’s should be forwarded to There is no specific form for this but upon receipt we will update our database accordingly. It is expected you will manage 24/7 cover between these individuals.


The setting of security levels, provision of security related advice is undertaken by the United Kingdom Department of Transport. Although this function is delegated, IOMSR will communicate any such information by email to Company Security Officers via our Security Notices. Security Notices are sent directly to CSOs and are not published on our website.


Pole Star Space Applications provide the Isle of Man Ship Registry National Data Centre and in addition we have several Approved Service Providers as detailed in MSN 032.

Upon change of Flag, if the vessel has a Conformance Test Report issued on behalf of the previous Flag State by one of our Approved Service Providers, then there is no need to complete a whole new conformance test, the Conformance Test Report just needs to be amended for Flag Change.

Should the previous conformance test report not be issued by one of our approved service providers, then a new conformance test needs to be carried out and new test certificate issued, this can take up to 24 hours to register so please plan ahead.

Ship’s Security Alert Systems (SSAS)

Vessel’s SSAS must be programmed to report to their Competent Authority, NMOC Fareham and the Isle of Man Ship Registry in accordance with the guidance in MSN 064.

The Competent Authority contact details should be forwarded using the Competent Authority Form provided below. In return the vessel will receive an Approval Letter from the Ship Registry.


Security Levels for Isle of Man registered vessels are set by the UK Government - Transport Security & Contingencies Directorate (TRANSEC). These are not published on the website but are communicated directly to CSOs, for onward transmission to the vessels.

The security levels set relate to the threat of international terrorism and not the threat of piracy or local port security conditions.

Downloads - Security

Application Forms and other downloadable documents relevant to Security are listed below. If you have any queries regarding these forms please phone the Isle of Man Ship Registry on 01624 688500.