Pleasure Yachts

Pleasure Yacht Fees

Please click below to view the fees that are applicable to Pleasure Yachts. Further information on fees can be found in the current Regulations or a specific quotation can be requested by contacting us:


Registration Fees 

First registry, re-registry or transfer of registry including the issue of a certificate of registry where appropriate £170
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel 12m and under) £255
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 12m but under 24m) £515 
Annual Registration Fee due 1st April (vessel over 24m) £1,025
Transfer of ownership by bill of sale or transmission £220
Change of name £94
New certificate of registry, replacement certificate of registry or a certified copy of the certificate of registry £94
Vessel leaving the Register including closure documentation £64


Mortgage Fees

Register of mortgage £220
Transfer of mortgage £220
Discharge of mortgage £220
Recording mortgage of intent £42