Demise (Ships)


The Isle of Man Ship Registry offers Demise Charter Registration, both ‘in’ and ‘out’. Demise Charter Registration gives shipowners a more flexible and attractive package. For example mortgaging facilities might be more attractive in one jurisdiction because of its laws relating to recovery of liens, whereas the manning requirements might be attractive in another state.

By using the Demise Charter Registry, a ship owner/representative can avail themselves of both advantages instead of settling for a compromise. Demise Charter Registration is possible when it takes place between the Isle of Man and certain other states whose national laws permit such arrangements. These states are referred to as ‘Compatible Registries’. Isle of Man Regulations prohibit ‘dual documentation’.

Ships on a Demise Charter Registry are subject to the safety, manning and environmental requirements of the second flag state and would carry that state's certificates and documentation. It is a requirement that the right to fly a flag of the underlying register State be withdrawn and the underlying registration is suspended during the period of demise charter except in so far as relates to title and mortgage transactions.

Before proceeding, if you wish to check name availability in the Isle of Man then please email the Registry.

The registration procedure is straightforward and detailed instructions can be found on RAN 06. Below is a list and links to the forms and documentation required to register a Demise Vessel:

  1. Application to Register (DCR 3)
  2. Owners Consent to Register (DCR 4)
  3. Consent of Mortgagee (if any) (DCR 5)
  4. Appointment of Authorised Officer (DCR 7)
  5. Renewal/Extension of Demise Charter Registration (DCR 10)
  6. Certificate of Incorporation for Charterer
  7. Bareboat Charter Party
  8. Certificate of Survey/Tonnage Certificate from Class
  9. Confirmation from Underlying Register
  10. CLC Blue Card (Oil Tankers Only)
  11. Bunker Oil Blue Card (vessel over 1000 GT) 
  12. Nairobi Wreck Certificate (vessel over 300 GT)