Why Choose IOM?


The Isle of Man ship register has built its reputation as one of the world’s leading registers on three key principles:

The long history of political and financial stability on the Isle of Man and OECD “white-listed” jurisdiction makes it beneficial to register ships on the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Ship Registry accepts almost all vessel types, including merchant ships, offshore vessels and private and commercial yachts.

Fast, professional service at low cost makes the Isle of Man an ideal choice for ship and yacht registration. In addition, the Isle of Man offers the full range of professional maritime services to assist with the registration, ownership and management of vessels and crew.

Elite Customer Service

  • Pragmatic approach to regulation with a focus on finding solutions and building relationships
  • Response time to technical/registration queries is normally within same day
  • Local Representatives in key markets including Japan, China, Hong Kong and Greece
  • Technical expertise in-house with survey and policy teams on hand for consultation and reliable advice
  • Network of surveyors in key survey locations around the World
  • Simple regulations applying international convention standards with no additional requirements.
  • Digital Certification meaning original certification can be onboard within minutes

Adding Value

  • Strong PSC performance including first place 2018 Paris MOU 1st place, and consistent position on all major PSC whitelists.
  • Socially Responsible Flag State with an unparalleled commitment to topical issues such as crew welfare and de-carbonisation
  • Crew welfare app available free of charge for seafarers on all commercially registered vessels

Simple, Competitive Fees

  • Consolidated annual fee which covers all normal inspections, consultations, certifications and dispensations.
  • Seafarers Documents– Simple online application process and fixed fee per endorsement.  Normally processed and sent out within a week (no mandatory seaman’s book or other fees).

Flexibility to meet your needs

  • Out-of-hours registration to suit shipyard times/closing meetings anywhere globally
  • Demise/Parallel Registration- the Isle of Man enables parallel registration with other states, both demise-in and demise-out registration to provide flexible solutions for owners.
  • Wide range of qualifying owners – including many types of Company, Limited Partnerships and individuals.
  • Remote inspection technology approved for class statutory/annual surveys and flag state inspections.
  • 24/7 emergency response by Principal Surveyors (key decision makers)