Ship Registry Nominated for Awards for Excellence

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is delighted to have been nominated as a finalist in the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence 2019 in the category of ‘International Business of the Year’. This is order to celebrate our achievements during 2018, including 1st Place in the Paris MoU Whitelist and the award of Best Shipping Registry by World Commerce Review.

Cameron Mitchell was interviewed for the Awards for Excellence program, and we are pleased to share this with you:

What is the Isle of Man Ship Registry?

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is one of the world’s leading registers of ships and super yachts.  We are the 14th largest flag state in the world by gross tonnage, but are primarily a flag which values quality ships over quantity. This was reflected by our first place ranking in the 2018 Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) White List.

What does first place in the White List mean for the Ship Registry?

The Paris (MoU) is an organisation made up of a number of states who have established a common inspection regime; ensuring ships are compliant with international regulations. Factors include safety, pollution prevention and seafarer’s rights, of which each flag state is ranked against. For the Ship Registry, achieving the number one spot in the international white list (the lowest risk list) not only demonstrates that Manx ships are considered to be the lowest risk ships in the world, but represents the first time we have topped the list in our 35-year history.

What do you think is attributable to the Registry’s success?

The Isle of Man Ship Registry success can be attributed to its ability to remain innovative in a highly competitive space and the introduction of a number of new measures over the last several years. We are one of the few registries in the world to issue digital certificates to our ships and have heavily invested in our digital systems to establish a worldwide reputation for high quality service and value for money. Unlike many other registries we offer clients a 24/7 service free of charge and issue industry leading digital shipping notices.  

What does this mean for the Isle of Man?

This achievement is significant because the Isle of Man’s rating has been derived from over 650 independent inspections over 3 years and nearly 30 countries. Not only does this add an element of prestige to our reputation as an international maritime centre of excellence, but is a key benefit to our existing client base because Manx ships are less likely to be targeted for inspection during port visits. Furthermore, the elevated status can act as a nucleus around which other shipping business can grow on the Isle of Man, so the benefits will be felt in the wider Isle of Man shipping community.

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