Merchant Ship FAQ

Merchant Ship FAQ

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Yes, in fact for all vessels registering after 01/04/2017 your Classification Society will be delegated the authority to carry out all ISM/ISPS/MLC audits and inspections on your vessels.

See our Fees page.

No. You need to apply through OFCOM. See our Radio Licence page for more information.

Yes. The Owner or Master is required to report any accident resulting in loss of life or serious injury to any person. Also, the Owner or Master is required to report any material damage to the vessel which may affect its seaworthiness. Please refer to MSN 003 for more information.

Yes. All Isle of Man ships are required to keep an official log book. An official log book can be obtained from the Forms page of our website or by contacting Isle of Man Ship Registry. See MSN 004 for more information.