2018 Annual Report Released

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is pleased to release it's 2018 Annual Report which summarises the activities and performance of the Ship Registry during the year. Some of the highlights of this year's report include:

  • A review of the General Inspection Scheme 2 years on
  • A feature on the newly formed Isle of Man Maritime organisation
  • A policy and legislation update

Speaking about the year in review, outgoing Ship Registry Director Dick Welsh said the following:

2018 has been the year of digitisation. The industry sees the future without paper certificates and the need to courier them around the globe and we share that vision. Our clients wanted to move quickly to digital certificates and we have been leading the way by developing our own systems. We have provided an on-line finance package and full digital certificates with secure electronic signatures.
We have also been able to fine tune our fees package and flag state inspection regimes to provide the very best value for money as we strive for full compliance with the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (III Code). A Code which will see Flag States undergoing mandatory audits for compliance with the Flag State, Port State and Coastal State requirements of the international maritime conventions. All in all a very busy year with the best team of professionals anyone could hope to lead.