IoM Expands List of STCW 'Recognised Countries'

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is pleased to announce an expansion of it's 'Recognised Countries' STCW list - meaning that we now recognise Certificates of Competency (CoCs) from a wider range of countries. The move brings the Isle of Man into line with the common Red Ensign Group list.

21 new countries have been added meaning CoC's from these countries are now eligible for an Isle of Man endorsement. The new countries are as follows: Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cape Verde, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Madagascar, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Peru, Tunisia and Turkey.

The total number of Recognised Countries now stands at 75, giving our clients greater flexibility in their crewing options. 

Please see MSN 051 for further information on the Endorsement Application Process.