Isle of Man Endorsement Requirements

The Isle of Man Ship Registry does not issue its own Certificates of Competency, but the Ship Registry is required by regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention to issue an endorsement recognising a National Certificate of Competency. Endorsements are required for all officers sailing on Isle of Man registered vessels unless they hold a Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by the United Kingdom under the STCW Convention.

Officers serving on Isle of Man registered vessels may be of any nationality and any residency provided they are holders of Certificates of Competency (CoC) issued by one of the STCW ‘white list’ recognised countries for the Isle of Man. All officers with a CoC issued by one of these recognised countries must apply for an Isle of Man Endorsement. If a seafarer holds a UK issued Certificate of Equivalent Competency they must still apply for an Isle of Man Endorsement.

There are three ways to apply for an Isle of Man Endorsement, which are explained in MSN 051

Isle of Man Endorsements can now be issued in a new format and printed by the Company who submitted the application. This has been acknowledged by IMO in STCW.2/Circ.81.


Isle of Man Endorsements can be verified here.

List of Required Documents

The list of documents required to be submitted in order to apply for an endorsement is provided below. Please note that not all documents are required for every application, as it is dependent upon the type of vessel the officer will be serving on.

  • Completed Form A-1 Endorsement Application Form with sections 3 and 4 signed (as appropriate); ON LINE APPLICATIONS DO NOT REQUIRE AN A1 FORM
  • 1 passport quality colour photograph
  • 1 clear specimen Signature (black ink on white background)
  • A clear and legible copy of a valid Certificate of Competency (CoC) and STCW Endorsement
  • Clear, legible and valid Medical Fitness Certificate (in English) (further information is available in MLN 1.2)
  • Clear, legible and valid GMDSS Certificate (Deck Officers only)
  • If applicable, clear, legible and valid copies of the officer’s certificates relating to dangerous goods – Oil, Gas, Chemicals as appropriate, where the dangerous goods endorsement is not included in the Certificate of Competency
  • If applicable, other certificates/endorsements if they are required to be issued separately by the CoC (i.e. ARPA, ECDIS, passenger ship training, high voltage etc.)

Endorsement application process

The Ship Registry checks both the quality and the validity of documents submitted. Each application, if acceptable, will be acknowledged by return with a Confirmation of Receipt of Application (known as a CRA) a copy of which must be forwarded to the vessel. However, if an application is of poor quality or incomplete no such documentation will be issued until an acceptable complete application is received.

If the officer is deemed suitable an endorsement certificate is issued as soon as possible and this is often issued within a few days of receipt of the application. The STCW Convention allows a seafarer to serve on a vessel for 3 months prior to the original Isle of Man Endorsement being available on board.

It is essential that the Company and master ensure that correct documentation is onboard. Port State Control examinations of crew certification can result in deficiencies or even detentions in the event of incorrect or missing documents. Original versions of officers and crews certification must be available onboard as per Regulation I/2 of the STCW Convention.

Form of Endorsement

The Ship Registry issues endorsements as an A5 style document which fully complies with the model certificate as outlined in the STCW Convention. Upon receipt of the endorsement the holder must ensure that he/she signs the front of the endorsement in the space provided under the photograph.

It should be noted that the Ship Registry does not issue a separate GMDSS Endorsement for deck officers.

Express Processing Service

For an additional fee the Ship Registry offers an express endorsement processing service for any urgent applications. If you require this service, please make this clear when submitting the application.