Recognised Countries

Recognised Countries

The Isle of Man recognises certificates issued by a number of other countries for the issue of officer endorsements.

In each case the Isle of Man Ship Registry must evaluate the systems and procedures in place in that country, almost always by making a visit to assess training facilities, procedures and the operation of the Administration locally. When the standards applied in any country are found to be acceptable to the Isle of Man Ship Registry an undertaking is entered into with that country’s Administration and from that point the certificates from that country can be recognised.

The table below shows a list of all the countries that are currently recognised for the issue of Isle of Man endorsements:

Australia Greece Portugal
Belgium Hong Kong Poland
Brazil Hungary Romania
Bulgaria Iceland Russia
Canada India Serbia
China Ireland Singapore
Croatia Italy Slovakia
Cuba Jamaica Slovenia
Cyprus Latvia South Africa
Czech Republic Lithuania South Korea
Denmark Malaysia Spain
Estonia Mexico Sri Lanka
Faroe Islands Montenegro Sweden
Finland Netherlands Ukraine
France New Zealand Myanmar
Georgia Norway United States of America
Germany Pakistan Vietnam
Ghana Philippines