Merchant Ships

Merchant Ships

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is committed to high standards and to the maintenance and development of a high quality fleet.

Ships of virtually all types are accepted for registration and the Manx fleet includes bulk carriers, tankers, gas and chemical carriers, offshore support vessels, FPSOs, container ships, cargo ships and Ro-Ro ferries.

However, some ships are not accepted for registry. These are as follows:

  • Ships which are not classed with one of our accepted Classification Societies
  • Ships of under 500 GT unless they are operating around the Isle of Man
  • Ships over 20 years old
  • Single hull oil tankers
  • Passenger Ships operating outside the Irish Sea Area
  • High Speed Craft operating outside the Irish Sea Area
  • Floating Dry Docks
  • Harbour and estuarial craft operating outside Manx waters
  • Pilgrim Ships
  • Ships engaged in the carriage of irradiated nuclear fuel

To discuss specific ships considered for registration please email our survey team.