COVID-19 - Ship Registry Information


We wish to reassure clients that the Isle of Man Ship Registry remains open for business as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are confident that there will be no interruptions to our usual high standards of customer service. 

Nonetheless, as a contingency measure, many of the Ship Registry’s staff will be working remotely and during this time the preferred method of contacting the Ship Registry is by email. You can find the email contact list here.

We appreciate your understanding during this exceptional period and hope to return to normality as soon as possible.

Technical guidance for operators who exerpiencing disruption due to COVID-19 has been published in TAN 002-20. Please also the following IMO advice:

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 7 - Guidance concerning unforeseen delays in the delivery of ships 

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 6 - Preliminary list of recommendations for Governments and relevant national authorities on the facilitation of maritime trade during the COVID-19 pandemic

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 5 (Rev 1) - Guidance relating to the certification of seafarers and fishing vessel personnel

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 4 - ICS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 3 - Operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases/outbreak on board ships

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 2 - Joint Statement IMO-WHO on the Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Circular Letter 4204 Add. 1 - Implementation and enforcement of relevant IMO instruments

Circular Letter 4204 - Precautions to be taken to minimize risks to seafarers, passengers and others on board ships