Record of Sea Service


From 01 April 2019 the Isle of Man (IoM) Ship Registry has stopped issuing Discharge Books.

The Ship Registry has now started to publish a new document, titled ‘Seafarer’s Record of Sea Service’.

This document is available in either a downloadable format, or in a hard-back book, which can be purchased directly from the Ship Registry by emailing

This new publication replaces the ‘Seaman’s Discharge Book’ which has traditionally been used to record seafarer’s sea service and is now withdrawn, however any Seaman’s Discharge Books in circulation will remain valid.

The new ‘Seafarer’s Record of Sea Service’ has been specifically designed for recording a seafarer’s employment on board a ship in accordance with MLC Regulation A2.1(e). This new book is in a user friendly format and once it has been received by the seafarer, he/she must complete their personal details on the inside cover. Each individual entry must be signed by the ship’s master and there is an option to be stamped with the ship’s or company’s stamp.

Please be aware there is no requirement to submit any supporting information when purchasing the book because all personal information is completed by the seafarer.

Further information is available in MLN 2.1

Please contact if you wish to make an order, alternatively the downloadable format is available here